Whitepaper: State of the Global Workforce

As always, The Gallup Organization provides insightful meaningful information on the state of the Global Workforce. Please read this Executive Overview on the engagement of the global workforce. We found this information to be very profitable.

The State of the Global Workplace report covers strategies for maximizing workplace productivity, reveals regional workforce metrics and features country-specific articles that offer insights from Gallup’s workplace consultants around the world. This extended executive summary highlights some of the report’s findings. Purchase the full report at Gallup.com.

TODAY’S WORKPLACES ARE EXPERIENCING CHANGES at unprecedented rates. The rise of digitization and automation, increased access to information, and the globalization of markets are among the trends challenging traditional approaches to work, company cultures, management and jobs. Organizations everywhere are looking for strategies and tactics to stay competitive and grow — and simply doing what they’ve done in the past will likely prove unsuccessful.

The State of the Global Workplace report is the latest publication from Gallup’s workplace practice. Aimed at optimizing workplaces for economic and human development, our goal is to provide leaders and organizations with analytics, advice and data-driven solutions that reflect the attitudes and behaviors of employees around the world. Gallup continually tracks employees’ attitudes and perceptions with the conviction that employers in any society create conditions that either develop or deplete the stock of human capital on which that society’s future depends.

The State of the Global Workplace report presents a wealth of data about employees in 155 countries, assessing how effectively employers and countries around the world are cultivating the human capital in their workforces...

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