Company Culture Change: Who Owns It?

“The only constant is change” —Heraclitus of Ephesus

Successful organizations recognize that change is imperative if they’re to remain successful. Some changes are simple and others are much more difficult. Changing company culture is probably among the most difficult but it doesn’t have to be. The mistake that many organizations make is relying upon HR to do all the heavy lifting.

This Harvard Business Review article by Rebecca Newton explains why this doesn’t work and offers a much more effective strategy for change.

Older Workers Helped Fuel Recent U.S. Growth: Can it last?

Americans who are reaching retirement age are choosing to stay in the workforce or reentering it after leaving. Over the past 3 years nearly 3 million Americans over the age of 55 joined or re-joined the workforce. How long will that trend continue?

Here’s an interesting article about this trend and the labor participation rate on the whole.

Congratulations to Goodyear's Highway Hero Award Finalists

For more than three decades The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has honored truck drivers who risk their own safety to help others on our highways.

“Since it was established in 1983, the Goodyear Highway Hero Award has recognized truck drivers who demonstrate extraordinary bravery and selflessness,” said Gary Medalis, marketing director, Goodyear. “We look forward to honoring this year’s Highway Hero Award finalists, each of whom took decisive action to save lives.”

Here are the 2019 finalists and their stories:

Darrell Atkins, from Alvaredo, Texas. Atkins was driving down an Arizona interstate when he witnessed a vehicle containing an elderly couple get struck from behind, flip over and come to a stop on a grassy median. Atkins worked with a bystander to extract the driver, who was hanging upside down by her seatbelt. Even as gasoline began to leak, Atkins continued to remove her husband and the couple’s three dogs from the car and remained with them until emergency crews arrived.

Don Frederick, from Kimbolton, Ohio. Frederick was driving down a state highway in Ohio when he witnessed a coal truck flip onto its side while making a turn. Frederick removed the damaged truck’s back window, reached into the vehicle and applied direct pressure to the wounded driver, who was bleeding heavily and trapped by the truck’s steering wheel. As the truck began to emit smoke, Frederick freed the driver’s legs and worked with a bystander to help the driver exit the truck. Frederick continued to render first aid until emergency crews arrived.

Paul Mathias, from Phoenix, Ariz.  Mathias had just stopped his truck at a red light in Phoenix when he saw a vehicle slam into an SUV that contained a mother and her two children. Mathias instructed the mother to perform CPR on her son and comforted the daughter as she passed away due to her injuries. Mathias then returned to the boy and proceeded to administer CPR to him until emergency crews arrived and took over. The boy survived.

Trucking industry journalists are responsible for selecting the newest Highway Hero, who will be named on March 28 during a special event in Louisville, Kentucky.

Each finalist receives a congratulatory trophy as well as other items. The winner also receives a cash award and a Highway Hero ring.

Award Incentive Group is proud to work with MTM Recognition in the production of the beautiful ring each year.

Good News: Engagement Is Up, But Still Not Great

According Gallup employee engagement has reached and tied an all time high and the level of actively disengaged employees is at an all time low. That sounds like great news until you consider that 34% engagement and 13% active disengagement leaves over half of all employees somewhere in the middle. Check out the article from Engagement Strategies Media.