AIG is a performance marketing company providing incentive and recognition strategies to engage your employees for business results, growth and success.


Our approach to strategic employee recognition leads to improved products and programs through better communications, alignment with corporate strategy, on-target deliverables, and superior customer care. The best way to create these types of results is through an engaging employee recognition program. More...


Strategies & programs that deliver results!

  • Foundational Service Award Program ― AIG believes that a successful recognition program impacts employees throughout the length of their career. It begins on the hire date, through retirement date.
  • Automated Recognitions ― Provides ways to highlight key moments for employees and create a culture of appreciation and recognition.
  • Discretionary Recognition ― Provides a platform for Managers and Associates to recognize in a fast, frequent and fun manner.
  • Performance Based Recognition ― Centered on employee performance that's unique to your business goals.

AIG has been in business over 30 years and has worked in a variety of industries and truly knows how to plug into a network of solutions to help your company succeed. We have the following values that guide us in putting together the best recognition plan for your organization.


Are your employees engaged?

The statistics and science behind the results are very clear and measured by many agencies on an annual basis. The state of the US and Global workforces continues to make progress and move the needle on employee engagement but there is plenty of opportunity for improvement. Great opportunities for building culture and connecting with the ever changing face of the generational workforce.

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Do your awards reflect your brand?

AIG can help you develop an awards program that offers high quality, name brand, innovative merchandise that will truly inspire your employees.

Customized Commemorative Crystal Awards