Levi Strauss Case Study

Client Background


Levi Strauss & Co. brand name products are among the most successful apparel brands in the world. Because of the changing needs in the market place, Levi created a new business unit to support the specialty and independent markets. Each existing business unit in Levi organization specialized in specific apparel, whereas the new business unit was a blend of all Levi apparel.


Critical to the success of this business unit was the ability to get every employee to live to the values, goals and vision, remaining focused. The challenge was impress upon the employees that their commitment was essential and the future of the business unit’s success, depended on working and supporting one another.


To develop a process that reinforced the business initiatives and build a “One Team, One Vision” by:

  • Communicating their Values
  • Focusing on Excellence
  • Recognizing Commitment
  • Structure

Program structure was established to recognize accomplishments in three key ways:

  1. Recognize all employees for their daily actions that reflect business values
  2. Annually recognize those whose contributions have made significant, measurable progress toward achieving the key areas of focus
  3. Honors a team on an annual basis that has made significant contributions in key areas of focus.


Created an environment of working together providing better solutions to reach common goals to success.